Best Acrylic Sheets & it’s Applications

Best Acrylic Sheets & it’s Applications

When you think about acrylic, you typically imagine a thin, transparent sheet of the plastic substance. It has been notably widespread in sneeze guards and protective covers at companies and healthcare institutions around the nation since the commencement of the COVID-19 epidemic. But acrylic is also used in shop displays and ornamental cases when a clear, sturdy piece of material is required. The uses of tinted acrylic are also highly varied for various ornamental purposes.

However, this flexible plastic material isn’t simply available in its famous transparent version. The uses of colored acrylic are highly varied in decorative applications. And it still has all of the remarkable features that make it clear acrylic is such a favorite option for many.

If you’re already aware of the advantages of clear acrylic, then you may be interested in employing more colorful acrylic in your applications. Here’s an overview of this material’s advantages, features, and potential applications.

About Acrylic

Colored acrylic or acrylic has many of the same features as the clear acrylic that you’re likely already acquainted with. As a refresher, acrylic is a popular term for Polymethyl Methacrylate or PMMA. It is a thermoplastic that can readily be machined, cut to size, and molded into various forms. This makes it an exceedingly versatile material that is a popular option for usage in a wide variety of industries and goods.

In addition to its aesthetic clarity and easy machinability, acrylic is also noted for demonstrating high impact resistance. Though not nearly as durable as polycarbonate, acrylic is much more impact-resistant than glass. The actual intensity varies based on the product you purchase. But acrylic sheets are often around ten times more impact resistant than glass. So they are tough to break when hit with a sharp or blunt item. This makes the material appropriate for users when exposed to debris or moving components that may otherwise harm materials with less strength.

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Best Acrylic Sheets

Colored acrylic has the same features as clear acrylic. Colored acrylic may come in transparent, tinted, or opaque forms. And because it’s made artificially, it’s accessible in a broad number of hues. The most common are blue, red, yellow, orange, grey, bronze, black, and white. There are many hues available within those color families as well. So if you have a certain style in mind, it’s almost probably feasible to obtain acrylic sheets that meet your precise aesthetic demands. And depending on what kind you pick, you may still have some optical clarity, or the sheet may be entirely opaque while still reflecting the other physical features of acrylic.

Uses of Acrylic
  • In their transparent form, acrylic sheets are useful in situations where they may take the place of glass. For example, transportation and construction industries may employ them as operator protection in vehicles. The material gives adequate optical clarity for the driver to see without leaving them exposed. 
  • Acrylic sheets may also be utilized as skylights and windows in greenhouses and similar buildings. In these applications, acrylic sheets enable enough light to get through and yet offer adequate protection for the inside of these buildings. 
  • Transparent acrylic is popular in sneeze guards and countertop systems to give companies and healthcare organizations temporary protection and sanitization alternatives.
  • Colored acrylic delivers virtually all of the same outstanding features as clear acrylic — except that optical clarity is so crucial to many of the applications described above. For that reason, the uses of colored acrylic are most typically seen in decorative applications. This may include signs, shop displays, furnishings, kitchen backsplashes, and shelving or storage units. 
  • Some tinted variants may still be used instead of glass, particularly in locations where you wish just some light to get through. For example, a carport or greenhouse roof may need a robust material that enables some light transmission. But if you want a little glare protection and a distinctive visual appeal, tinted or colored acrylic may be the right option.
Benefits of Acrylic
  • Both clear and colored acrylic provide a broad selection of high-performance features. 
  • Outside of the aesthetic components of acrylic, the material is also noted for delivering low UV sensitivity and general weather tolerance, making it excellent for outdoor signs and related applications. 
  • It is very slow to burn and may even be self-extinguishing in rare situations. At the absolute least, it should not emit dangerous smoke or fumes when exposed to flame. This makes it a generally safe material to use in various situations.
  • It is also very lightweight, making it simple to work with and install. 
  • Even if you’re working on DIY or ornamental projects or don’t have a lot of expertise or heavy equipment, acrylic is often simple enough to transport job sites and fasten into different applications.
  • It is also simple to mold and cut to size, readily fitting into many applications. You may purchase these things precisely how you need them, so they’re ready to be installed or implemented immediately when you get them. 
  • Coatings may also be added to increase the functioning of colored acrylic. A few examples are coatings for improving scratch-resistance, anti-fog, or reflective qualities.

What do we provide?

If you’re searching for colored acrylic or simple acrylic sheets to incorporate in any of your forthcoming projects, AKMY Ployplast can assist. We provide a wide choice of texture and color options to fit the aesthetic demands of each customer. Our acrylic materials come from reliable manufacturing partners, and we even provide extra value-added services like bespoke conversion and fabrication capabilities out of our local facilities. To explore colorful acrylic possibilities or chat with a team member who can help you locate the appropriate plastic materials for your needs, visit our website now.