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Learn more about our plastics by selecting from industries & applications relevant to your uses.

Thermoplastics are all around you. From windows and display racks to signs and modern art. Picture frames, security glazing, and windshields are all made from engineered thermoplastic sheet. Akmy Polyplast carries a full line of acrylic, polycarbonate, PETG and ABS sheet to meet your vision and specification.

Whether in car tires, ballistic vests or firefighter garments, our technology is making a real difference to our customers and to people’s lives. By supporting stronger, lighter and more durable materials. And by enabling applications and end-products that protect, support and empower. Whatever your industry, whatever your objectives, our solutions will help you unlock new levels of performance.


From protecting priceless works of art to your treasured family photos, acrylic is the preferred choice for glazing applications. Museum displays and other exhibits also benefit from the UV filtering properties of acrylic. Not only will acrylic protect the art – it is art. Modern sculptures, graphics and mosaics make acrylic an ideal medium for creativity.

Windows 2

Cleary the right choice: Polycarbonate and acrylic sheets are specified extensively by architects and designers for windows and doors. The virtually unbreakable thermoplastic sheets can be used in; architecture, security, industrial, marine, aviation and heavy equipment windows.

Skylight 2

Skylights are often used in Architectural Daylighting for electrical energy savings, employee health, and higher retail and student performance. AKMY has developed a range of durable sheet products used in high-performance skylights that evenly distribute light throughout a room and control unwanted solar heat gain.

Illuminated Signage
Illuminated Signage

Chosen for its endless decorative abilities, formability, durability and weather resistance, acrylic and polycarbonate are used by the most sophisticated sign fabricators and designers. Whether incorporating three-dimensional elements or unique lighting effects, we have the range of colors, textures, and finish options you need.


Easily formed into shapes for dunnage and storage containers, thermoplastics are the ideal material for deep draws and complex shapes. Food grade polymers and food safe sheet are used in specialty food applications. Display cases and high end product cases add unsurpassed protection to consumer products.


Our timeless solids and intricate patterns offer a luxurious finish to the finest spas and baths. Our polymers are continuous cast acrylic sheet is the preferred choice of manufacturers worldwide.

Solar Panels
Solar Panels

Combining the attributes of superior scratch- and impact resistance, optical brilliance and glare control have made our thermoplastic sheet, polymers, and coating services ideally suited for a variety of applications in the technology and energy sector.

Sound Barriers
Sound Barriers

Peace and quiet never looked so good. Specialty noise barrier thermoplastic sheets are optically clear, lightweight, impact and weather resistant. Easy to form and fabricate, acrylic meets requirements of ZTV-LSW 06, EN 1793 and EN 1794. Our polycarbonate meets ASTM E90-09, ASTM E413-10 and ASTM E1332-10a. A variety of textures and colors are available.

Exhibitions & Display 1
Exhibitions & Display

From retail point of purchase (POP) displays to museums & exhibitions, Akmy acrylic have the colors and clarity to make your brands shine. Mirrored sheet adds contemporary eye catching flair to your advertisement or stand.

Indoor Signage 1
Indoor Signage

Incorporating color, light, translucence and strength for striking indoor signage and store displays is a snap when using thermoplastic sheets and polymers.

Device Screen
Device Screen

From hand held devices to laptops, audio to video components, acrylic and polycarbonate meets or exceeds the demands of today’s technology. Available with varying levels of glare control, abrasion resistance and impact strength, thermoplastic sheet, polymers and coating options provide advantageous alternatives to glass in electronic applications.

Printing 1

Chosen for durability, weatherability, and ease of thermoforming, AKMY’s acrylic and polycarbonate are the products of choice for sign fabricators and designers. For specifics on printing to each substrate click on the product links below.

Agriculture Greenhouse
Agriculture Greenhouse

For strength and durability, AKMY polycarbonate plastic is considered one of the best greenhouse covering materials. This plastic is a twin or double-wall made of Polyethylene plastic. If maintained properly, this type of covering can last for years. Year-round gardening is easy because of the heat and humidity-retaining feature. Below is the range of products you can use for the application.

Furnishings 1

Acrylic sheet is the ideal substrate for fabrication of tables, tabletops, shelves and other flat surfaces where glass can’t or shouldn’t be used. Our line of Polymers are used for injection molded home goods to give them a durable yet still brilliant clarity.

Industrial glazing
Industrial glazing

When considering glazing solutions, Akmy polycarbonate glazing materials have become a preferred choice for architects and building owners. This is mainly because our products are half the weight of glass, over 250 times stronger and maintain approximately equal optical transparency.

Aviation & Automotive
Aviation & Automotive

Aircraft grade sheet and mirror add durability and beauty to modern aviation. A critical component of windows and instrument panels, thermoplastics enable safety, luminescence and innovation.

Commercial Lighting
Commercial Lighting

Our lighting capabilities extends from light diffusing polymers to prismatic flat sheet. AKMY Polyplast provides custom manufacturing for lighting OEMs. AKMY’s products are designed to control the intensity of the light source and meet the demanding needs of sophisticated work and office environments.

Partition s

Dividers, walls, and noise barriers? Acrylic and polycarbonate are available in a variety of colors, patterns and gauges, providing countless options for most projects.

Protective Shield
Protective Shield

Thermoplastics are ideally suited for protective shields aswell such as police shield, windshields used in motorcycles, golf carts, and recreation verticals. Face shields and protective guards made from polycarbonate provide a virtually unbreakable alternative to glass.


Polycarbonate sheet is light weight so it is safer than other metal shed for people walking under the shed.  Collapsed steel or wooden shelter may injure people.  However, polycarbonate sheet is lighter than even glass. Akmy products are available in various form and thickness to make your walkway look as elegant as it should be.

Bullet-Resistant Glazing
Bullet-Resistant Glazing

Akmy polycarbonate sheets protect against forced entry attempts or attacks to aesthetics or integrity. The ultimate security product with AR hard-coat technology that provides exceptional resistance for abrasion and UV degradation.

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Choosing the right material for your products

No matter which industry you are in choosing the right material that works for you is the key. From windows and display racks to signs and modern art. Picture frames, security glazing, and windshields are all made from engineered thermoplastic sheet. Akmy Polyplast carries a full line of acrylic, polycarbonate, PETG and ABS sheet to meet your vision and specification.

Light wight

Impact resistance

Friction resistance

Dimensional stability

Flame retardancy

Heat resistance

Electrical features

Optical features


Barrier properties




Chemical resistance

Water absorbency

Water repllency

Quick drying


Weather resistance