Tiger LGP ( Light Guide Panel) Sheet

LGP Sheet

Clear, Laser Dotting

Thickness Range
3 – 4 mm

6 x 4, 8 x 4

AKMY Manufacturing LGP (Light Guide Panel/Plate) Sheet in brand name of Tiger Tiger. It is made by Pure 100% A grade premium virgin Acrylic/ PMMA Resin, It is a main factor to maximize the uniformity of light, to make backlight slim and to reorient the lines or dots light source like LED to the plate/panel light source.

AKMY LGP sheets are eco-friendly, scratch resistance , mirror effect, vivid colours,  acid and alkali corrosion resistance. It takes advantage of optical-grade acrylic sheets absorb the light from lamp, stay on the surface of optical-grade acrylic sheets. When the light reach every lighting points, the reflected light will spread to every angle, then destroy the reflection condition, light out from light guide plate front side to make better use of light.

We have various colour range of LGP sheets in max range of running thickness. LGP were specifically developed for edge lit applications including lighting, signage & Lucite LGP displays & Clip on applications. It can help to reduce 70% on electricity consumption and offers 10X longer lifespan than traditional LED, Neon & Halogen products.

Why use LGP
Optical clarity


Dimensional stability


Impact resistance


Applications & Uses
Commercial Lighting 1
Commercial Lighting