AKMY Light Diffuser Sheet ( LED ) Sheet


One side Matt, Both side Matt


1 mm to 3mm

1.22 x 1.63, 1.2 x 1.2 and customized as per requirement

Light Transmission
60 to 90 %


We are manufacturing Led sheet in these various material – PS(Polystyrene), Acrylic (PMMA) & Polycarbonate (PC) light diffuser sheets.

AKMY Acrylic and PC diffuser are tough, lightweight, plastic sheet materials with outstanding optical properties. these are easy to machine and thermoform into any customize shape and size. These characteristics make them good choices for lighting applications, particularly for mass transit and aerospace where strength, durability, and light weight are required. Other lighting applications these materials work well in are lighting fixtures, commercial lighting, retail merchandising, menu boards, jewellery cases, lenses, and for lighting panel (LED Panel light) purpose.

Somewhere for some Interior lighting application PS diffuser sheet is also well replacement of Acrylic/PC as per usage and flat lighting’s sake. These among sheets can also cut in any shape like as – square, round, rectangle or any custom size.

Akmy Diffuser have Excellence optical quality, good light transmission, heat resistance, impact resistance & colour stability. Diffusion sheet in opal colour, matte texture & 0-10 colour tone option availability.

We have diffuser sheet in difference QC parameter as per technical specs mainly – different – different light transmission percentage, haze value, UV resistance, light diffusion quality & UL flammability.

Why use Light Diffuser Sheet
Light Weight


UV Resistance

Light Diffusion


UL Flammability

Heat Resistance

Impact Resistance

Optical Quality

Water Repellency

Technical Properties
ItemSize (Width)Size (Length)Thickness
Total Luminous Transmittance%68.5 ± 1.5NDH-2000
Haze%97.0 ↑ASTM D1003
Specific Gravity1.06ASTM D792
Tensile Strengthkgf/㎠450 ↑ASTM D638
Flexural Strengthkgf/㎠800↑ASTM D790
Modulus of Elasticitykgf/㎠20,000 ↑ASTM D790
Temperature of Deflection under load (1.82Mpa)83 ↑ASTM D648
Thermal Expansion1/℃4.50×10-5KS M3015
Surface Resistance, Antistatic CoatingΩ/sq.≤1011ASTM D257
UL FlammabilityHBUL94
Applications & Uses
Commercial Lighting 1
Commercial Lighting