Tuff & Strong – PC Multiwall Sheet

Twin wall & Multiwall

Clear, Opal, Green, Blue, Lake Blue, Smoke Grey, Bronze, Metallic Grey

Thickness Range
4MM, 6MM, 8MM & 10MM

Dimension (Width)
1.22 MTR & 2.1 MTR.

Dimension (Length)
5.8 MTR, 11.8 MTR & Customize size also

Surface Protection
Masking PE Film

AKMY Manufacturing Polycarbonate Hollow/Multiwall Sheet is own brand name of Tuff & Strong. We manufacturing with the help of Co Extrusion quoting machine quoted both side UV that makes his life and strength more others. We have been able to develop a wide range of multiwall polycarbonate sheets , each with its own specific property , to meet the demands of the various market segments.

PC is a unique engineering thermoplastic which combines a high level of mechanical, optical and thermal properties. The versatility of this material makes it suitable for many engineering applications. PC has 8 to 15 years lifespan durability that makes it suitable for everywhere usage for any interior and exterior applications. It have excellent light transmission up to 90 % as based as colour and thickness.

Tuff & Strong MW sheets insulation against heat & cold temperature between -40°C and +120°C. It Have High thermal insulation, high impact resistance, high sound insulation, fire retardant, excellence structural durability, excellence resistance to chemicals, weather resistance, UV Quoted.

Tuff & Strong MW Sheets glazing system offering design freedom in several segment of building industry like commercial, domestic & industrial applications. It has some addition benefit like – light weight , energy efficient , strong & durable & pocket friendly cost effective as per the applications.

These Sheets are mostly used for both residential and commercial flat/ curved roof glazing & cladding, wall cladding, sound barrier walls, skylights, covered walkways, greenhouse, warehouse , swimming pools, shopping malls, airports, railway station,  gazebo, garden centre roofing, sun sheds for stadium & bus shelters, signage and displays & digital advertising.

Why use PC Multiwall Sheet
Light Weight

Chemical Resistance

Dimensional stability

Weather Resistance

Impact resistance

Barrier Property

Technical Properties
Twinwall Property4 MM 6 MM 8 MM 10 MM
Area weight0.7 kg.m2 – 0.8kg/m21kg/m2 – 1.3 kg/m21.35 kg/m2- 1.5 kg/m21.55 kg/m2 – 1.7kg/m2
Sheet width1,220 mm – 2,100 mm1,220 mm – 2,100 mm1,220 mm – 2,100 mm1,220 mm – 2,100 mm
Possible delivery lengths2,000 to 12000 mm (Standrad – 11800 mm)2,000 to 12000 mm (Standrad – 11800 mm)2,000 to 12000 mm (Standrad – 11800 mm)2,000 to 12000 mm (Standrad – 11800 mm)
Minimum permissible cold-bending radius(1) 680 mm (1) 900 mm(1) 1200 mm(1) 1500 mm
Light transmittance τD65 clear 1099ca. 79 %ca. 79 %ca. 81 %ca. 80%
UV-absorbing PropertyYesYesYesYes
White 1125ca. 25 % ca. 21 %ca. 21 %ca. 20 %
White 1146ca. 76 %ca. 77 %ca. 77 %ca. 69 %
Bronze 1845ca. 43 %ca. 48 %ca. 77 %ca. 40 %
Green 1650ca. 51 %ca. 55 %ca. 57 %ca. 53 %
Blue 1545ca. 40 %ca. 42 %ca. 43 %ca. 41 %
Heat transfer coefficient(ASTM C 976/90) Ug 4.1 W/m2 K(ASTM C 976/90) Ug 3.7 W/m2 K(ASTM C 976/90) Ug 3.3 W/m2 K(ASTM C 976/90) Ug 3.1 W/m2 K
Coefficient of thermal expansionα 0.065 mm/m °Cα 0.065 mm/m °Cα 0.065 mm/m °Cα 0.065 mm/m °C
Possible expansion due to heat and moisture3 mm/m 3 mm/m3 mm/m3 mm/m
Max. service temperature without load120 °C120 °C120 °C120 °C
Applications & Uses
Signage Industry
Signage Industry
Advertising Industry
Advertising Industry
Interior Decoration
Interior Decoration
Office Partition
Commercial Lighting 1
Ceiling Lighting
Windows 2
Door/Window Panels
Showcases and photo frames
Showcases and photo frames
Advertising Light Box
Sliding & Bathroom Doors
Sliding & Bathroom Doors
Exhibitions & Display 1
Exhibition Booth/Stand