PP (Polypropylene) Designer Sheet

Clear, Opal, Blue, Green, Orange, Bronze

0.75mm to 2mm

3 ft to 7 ft

Dimension (Length)
50 & 100 ft or customize

Surface Protection
Masking PE Film

We manufacturing Co-Extruded UV quoted PP roll/sheet in Plain, Textured & Fabric designs. We have highest range of PP roofing sheet in various colours – clear, opal, green, blue, brown, orange.

We have also widest range of PP Texture/Design sheets like as – Diamond, Embossed, Badal, Rainbow, Bamboo & Leather in many colour & different thicknesses & sizes.

AKMY PP Have many more Fabric/ Clothes designs more than 15+ option range.

PP UV Roofing Sheet is mostly uses for Food/Packing Industry, Small canopy , Balcony, Windows/Gate covering, many more application where is FRP Sheet usage.

Why use Polypropylene
Optical clarity

Chemical Resistance

Cut Resistant

Water repllency

Weather Resistance

Minimal Odor

Technical Properties
Product ThicknessSize (width)Size (length)Colour/Texture
PP UV Plain Sheet .7mm to 2.5 mm3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 Ft50 & 100 ft or customize Clear, Opal, Green, Orange, Blue & Brown
PP UV Texture Sheet.75 to 2.5MM3, 4, 5, 6 & 7Ft50 & 100 ft or customizeEmbossed, Diamond, Badal, Bamboo, Rainbow & Leather
PP UV Fabric/Clothes Sheet1 to 2mm 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7Ft50 & 100 ft or CustomizeAs defined in design code
Applications & Uses
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