Pioneer in polymer industry in northern India.

Pioneer in polymer industry in northern India.

AKMY has been growing as a renowned polymer frontier in its market

AKMY is a noted and distinguished artisan of plastics in North India for the past 40 years. Its preeminent feature encapsulates a large manufacturing capacity of 18,000 MTPA with a humongous factory size. It occupies 20,000 square meters of production space in North India. It also allows its valuable customers to avail 300 plus products across cities in India. It has a great efficiency rate in terms of project completion- with 93% precision in customer satisfaction. Experience of extensively skilled teams and introduction of the concept of sustainability, both go hand in hand, leading to its advancement and establishing it as a renowned name in the polymer sector. Also, a never-fleeting away mantra holds true till date- ‘taking utter care of quality, safety and sustainability.

Huge raw material supply chain along with tremendous distribution and customer base

Not only does an enormous distribution base account for its achievements but also its primitive exporters augment its success rate. In addition, it is dominated by its colossal customer base, encompassing end-customers, corporates, manufacturers, which further comprise air purifiers, toys, etc. Along with Polystyrene Sheets(GPPS), Polycarbonate Sheets/Roll(PC), Cast Acrylic Sheets, Extruded Acrylic Sheets(PMMA), it also finds deep applications in implementing its products using sustainable polymers, comprising seed oils, starch, polysaccharides, lignan, etc. It also provides its esteemed customers with customizable and reusable Extruded Polypropylene products. They are not only durable, scalable, customizable but also are environmentally friendly.

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