Why are we a good plastic company & Why we matter!

Why are we a good plastic company & Why we matter!

What are polymers?

Polymer is an incredibly versatile material, gaining heed due to the multiple forms, strengths and textures it can take, which is not only finding applications in the automotive industry because of its unsurpassed durability and increased fuel economy, but also proclaiming its diversity in medicine, optics, architecture etc. Polymer is a trending and highlighted branch in varied dominions of science, technology and industry. Polymers are, undeniably, accountable for the innumerable facets we use in our day-to-day lives and also seem to help us find diverse solutions in this increasingly complex world due to its adaptability and flexibility.

What is the role of polymers in our day-to-day lives?

From dusk till dawn, jot down its role in our lives- a role often taken for granted. We wake up lethargically to the without-a-pause ticking alarm clock, brush and floss our teeth, comb our strands and trim our nails, both of which are constituted of keratin, an inbuilt polymer,,make ourselves a cup of coffee, pack our food in reusable lunch boxes, drive to work fastening a seatbelt or ride a bicycle with a helmet on, listening to soothing music on iPod using silicone earbuds, working on laptops or computers, drinking water from a plastic-cased bottle, bring the frozen meat to lukewarm using microwave. Let alone the above, even our DNA in cells is nothing but a polymer.  And that only showcases the brimming importance of polymers in our everyday life. Health care, food packaging, shelter, transportation, clothing, sports, aircraft, aerospace, bulletproof vests, fire-resistant jackets and communication- all account to the abundant and extensive utilization of polymer. And with the over-utilization of polymer-made products, namely, textiles, fabrics, pipes, non-stick pans, electrical switches, cushions, cups, cookware and so on; it is nearly impossible to imagine human society without polymers.

How does polymer and nature go hand in hand?

With a shoot up in middle-class count and a stooping per capita consumption of plastics, per head usage has brimmed to 16kg in 2015. So, managing its large-scale production along with its waste disposal process is given a lot of thought, so as to prevent its harmful effects from penetrating through the soil, air, water etc. Although, people primarily focus on the ill-effects of plastic waste, but, when used thoughtfully as portrayed above; polymer and the environment can co-exist in harmony. Henceforth, coming up with the idea of plant-manufactured polymers, using starch, etc. is paid more heed to.

The use of plastic materials globally has greatly increased over the past decades, and currently, many millions of tons of these materials are used. In terms of uses, thermoplastics are considered the most significant, as they are roughly 80% of all plastics used around the world. All because Thermoplastic waste can often be re-used and recycled.

AKMY Polyplast has decades of experience of importing high-quality raw materials, for that matter, we are one of the largest polymer importers in India. Our trade experience has led us developed a state-of-the-art facility to manufacture thermoplastic products with extrusion technology. Get in touch with us if you would like to get involved in building the future.


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